CRYPTOCURRENCIES SECURITY STANDARDS. There is absolutely no way for hackers to steal money from our platform. It is not possible neither for a hacker nor an insider (such as a programmer, devops or administrator, not even for the management of the company). Here’s why. INCOMING PAYMENTS SECURITY STANDARDS. OUTGOING PAYMENTS SECURITY STANDARDS. As you can see, a hacker would need to hack numerous systems, including one that is offline and inaccessible from the Internet. it is entirely impossible. COLD WALLETS SECURITY STANDARDS. This system is used by the biggest cryptocurrency exchange markets, such as Bitfinex. It is the most secure way to store funds. PERSONAL DATA SECURITY STANDARDS PERSONAL DOCUMENTS SECURITY STANDARDS SSL We use SSL (https) so your data are always encrypted and cannot be eavesdropped when entering our websites. PASSWORD SECURITY STANDARDS Thanks to our high-security standards, even if you give your Needyex account password and your private e-mail password to a hacker, he will not be able to withdraw any funds from Needyex ! Obviously, do not ever give your passwords to anyone, as they will be able to harm you in many ways. However, it sure feels good to be sure your funds cannot be moved without someone having to access your email, passwords, and phone at the same time. Even without you being able to access your account, not only your funds but also your private data are safe here. There are many more additional ways Needyex secures its funds and data. We are open for discussion if you have any concerns or ideas. Feel free to drop us a note at our support page.