Listing Criteria

KYC Verified account at Needyex.

Only a core team member of the project can apply for listing.

Website & Block Explorer dedicated to the asset.

At least 1 social group with user activity. (ie. discord, telegram, slack etc.)

Announcement thread. (Bitcointalk)

The project is no longer ICO phase.

Delisting Policy

The future of the project is clearly questionable.

The team or project is fraudulent. (ie. not whom they say they are)

Current or Future Legal issues that can impact project's ongoing business operations.

Issues that can impact traders on the Needyex Exchange.

Significant amount of forks by the projects team. (ie. unstable chain)

Critical code updates or forks without notifying the Needyex Exchange well in advance.


Waves Tokens


Listing within 24 hours.

ERC20 Token


Listing within 24 hours.

Other Token


Listing within 14 days.

Bitcoin fork


Listing within 14 days.

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Listing FAQ

How many pairs can I request?

Your asset will start with 2 pairs, one of them must be BTC.
You can apply for additional markets later, as long as you have enough volume in the existing markets.

How much volume do I need to apply for additional market pairs?

2 pairs = 0 - 500 USD daily volume.
3 pairs = 500 - 1.000 USD daily volume.
4 pairs = 1.000 - 5.000 USD daily volume.

* Daily volume should be consistent for at least 7 days.
* Market pairs will be removed if the volume drops below requirement for a prolonged period of time.

When do I pay the listing fee?

You do not need to pay the listing fee until after your asset has been approved for listing.
When you see your asset has been Approved,then deposit the necessary fees into our address"we will contact you"

I have more questions.

Please contact us using the support ticket system if you have any questions about the listing application.
Our team will never contact you in other channels. All communication will be handled through Needyex.